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If I Only Had a Brain: Timely Studying for the Workplace

Year was 1939 when Rej Boldzher at first has appeared as the Stuffed animal in the Wizard of Ounce, singing these words:
“And my head I would be scratchin’
While my thoughts were occupied hatchin’
If I only had a brain.”
Then Doroti has answered with the useful answer,
“With thoughts you would be a symposium’
You could be other Lincoln
If you only had a brain.”
Travellers downwards the Yellow Brick Road required all on a command to use best of their talents for an adventure Tin heart of the Person, a nerve of the Cowardly Lion, courage of Doroti, and yes, the Stuffed animal brain, thus the whole command could untangle riddles.
Modern business resembles Ounce. It is too much Stuffed animals in your company deny that they already have a movement for them: ability to think out of borders and propensity to think over any problem. In other words, they were incapable to begin the best reflexion on behalf of the company. But, business demands the biggest effort of all employees. Together their talents can be united and strengthened, that it is better to reach your strategic targets.
On interview for last 5 years we have asked more than 3 500 employees from several dozens main companies if they faced to a problem they could not solve or a question on work, everyday which they could not answer. 100 % have answered, Yes. When it is given a problem of the real world, solving a problem; however, only 4 % could identify the purpose precisely.
As a whole, they are clever people. And we have found out, almost without an exception that they – a victim of the Syndrome of the Stuffed animal: when people refuse to their own abilities to think out of their restrictions and so be unable use all within their power meaningly to pursue the organisation aims.
“Just in time studying”
If the corporate history shows us something, she assumes that some of the best people to develop and realise ideas on which your company depends, already are on your pay-sheet. They are creative and competent. They are raised, but not involved.
Your company has been based on fine ideas. You require employees, which realizovyvayut those ideas and continuously make new to advance you before competition. These employees wish to take responsibility for the part in the future of your company. But you will never know, how much valuable they can be, while you do not accept the plan to help with two points to them to break the Stuffed animal Syndrome.
AT FIRST – Mention their minds. To make it, you should reach three things:

Learn to them to think out of their restrictions and to think over the roles in yours companys success,

Equip with their certain skills, should overcome Strategy Rupture to work and the purpose of the company of reach on a workplace, and

Connect them to business and show to them, why and as they of the vital purposes in achievement of your company.
SECOND – Lights their studying of engines. Give to employees ability:

Study and open new problems,

Forget by training to find out new approaches, and

Repeatedly study so that they could transfer studying to various situations.

The today’s organisations require timely studying. When employees learn that they should work meaningly for the organizational purposes to fill problematic intervals on work, and that their daily actions should level to business strategy, increases in ability of the company an average of 75 %.
You have untied creative potential and competence of your own staff to help you to win against competition?
While you have not created this continuous loop of studying, your staff resembles a Stuffed animal, wandering on on the Earth the Ounce pursuing after fairy godmothers and wizards which do not do really, exists.
Lyrics of a song from: (E.Y. Harburg and Harold Arlen, “If at me Only Was the Brain,” the Wizard of Ounce, 1939),

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